Happy New year…and may 2011 be the year that your writing bears fruit!

I’m off to the Jaipur Writers Festival; huge excitement as I’ve never been to Rajasthan before and the lineup for the festival is …breathtakingly good. A swift pass through Udaipur, Jaiselmer on the way (never enough time..) and then it’s 5 days of immersion in the world of writing, books, music with a lineup that takes my breath away. Consider Orhan Pamuk, and Junot Diaz and Jung Chang…and that’s day 1. Richard Ford,  Jim Crace, William Fienes, Rana Dasgupta… and on… no wonder it’s named ‘the greatest literary show on earth’.

When I get home, it’s back to more delight with the first Editing in Paradise offering for 2011. We’ve been busy developing the website—now with FAQs—and the program  for 2011. At our 2010 Bali retreat  we were joined by our first Writer in Residence, Shalini Gidoomal, an impressive Kenyan writer who shared not only her writing insights but her yoga and meditation skills at our Bali 2010 retreat.

In 2011, we welcome two new co-presenters to our editorial team in 2011: Desney King (Australia) and Barbara Nussbaum (South Africa).  See the website for more details:  http://www.editinginparadise.com

Bali, 10–17 October, following the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival; Kangaroo Valley, 22–29 May; Keurbaai, South Africa, 2–9 December …and, starting the year with a splash…Portsea, 17–24 February

For this retreat, I’ll be co-presenting with sought-after editor, Desney King, editor, publishing project manager and writer with more than three decades’ experience—inhouse and freelance—in Australian book publishing. She has worked with authors in a wide range of genres, as mentor, guide and editor. ‘At its finest,’ says Desney, ‘the relationship between writer and editor is collaborative, dynamic, highly productive and deeply satisfying’.

Whatever the final destination—publication, finishing the manuscript, or just getting through the next draft—the EIP process works. Of course, some of you already know this, and have shared your positive feedback with us and referred your writer friends. We really value your support.

Wondering whether to give it a go, have a look at the FAQs or get in touch. I’d be delighted to answer any questions.

And now…it’s off to pack that last book into the suitcase. I’m definitely getting an e-reader this year. 4.5 kilos of books (guessing, of course) just means fewer treats that I can bring back. And I’m partial to the odd fabric and jewel purchase.

Do check out the Jaipur lineup…and, if you have the chance, come! if not, read those authors’ works. What a wonderful 5 days it’ll be.