This is the name of the panel session I’m moderating tomorrow, at the inaugural Writers in the Park festival, Centennial Park, Sydney. The rain’s been lashing the city for days.. and just today…some sunshine. It would be great if it stayed around for tomorrow. (Thanks, in advance, sun!) But rain or shine, it’s bound to be a terrific conversation given that I’m talking to three wonderful writers: Pamela Cook, Joanne Fedler and Susanna Freymark. Each of these fine writers has so much to add to the always engaging, sometimes confounding and even confusing… thorny, horny world of love and writing about love. It’s a pleasure to be involved in this festival; not least because it renews my respect for the process and rigour and, often, sheer slogging effort of writers (published or not).

It’s what keeps me inspired each time I work with an author as an editor, or as a workshop leader. (And yes, our next Editing in Paradise retreat is happening in Bali — 22–27 October).

Now… when the time comes to pay more attention to my own writing (ahem.. the memoir that’s still in the making, seven years on) then I’ll be sure to turn to the works of these women writers for joy and more inspiration. Do check out their work… and hope to see you at the festival.

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